Thursday, October 30, 2008

October 30, 2008

Today was Thursday.

The boys and I got to school today around 7:30 AM. I continued testing today on Chapters 3 in my Spanish I, II & III classes. Mr. Fredie graded all of the tests for my classes.

In BMA class I shared a devotion on the word "redeem". I defined it, talked about the sinfulness of mankind and used the LA riots of 15 years ago as an example of the wickedness of man.

Mr. Fredie and I visited after third period for a few minutes and I asked him some questions about his college classes. He mentioned to me something along the lines of the theory of proportions and how psychology has a lot of the developmental side of childhood stages nailed down.

I visited Mr. Mahan's World History class during fourth period for about 30 minutes.

After school I searched for my son Matthew, 12 years old, for about 25 minutes before I found him in the elementary school office. I was upset that he had not followed our regular routine and that he wasted my time. It also took us probably 20 extra minutes of fighting traffic because of the later leaving time. That bummed me out that we lost almost an hour after school. I took a nap and awoke a little tired still at around 4:30. Donna, Ash and Andrew came home before I left the house. I felt like I need to wait around a bit before I left. Donna was complaining that there was only chicken again for supper. I kissed her before I left. I am now at What a Burger on Siegen Lane.

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