Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2, 2009

Today was Thursday.

Yesterday was April fools day. I played a couple of April fools on some of my students, namely telling them upon coming into class that Ms. Johnson, one of our assistant principals had called them to the office. I didn't drag the gag out to long but we did have a little piece of fun.

One of the best things that happened today was that my 16 year old son, Andrew, was caught by myself, his Spanish I teacher, writing much neater. Instead of "scribbling" cursive on a paper he is now taking his time to print quite nicely. I pulled him out of class for a "conference" and asked him why he was doing this and also told him I was proud of him for doing this.

We had a good team-building time with the teachers at our teacher meeting today from 12:15PM to 3:15 PM.

I was also able to install an new monitor screen into Donna's broken Compaq laptop today. It was a successful install from the screen having been broken by Andrew stepping on it some months ago.

Andrew is working right now for the Cajun Clickers, running sound for them at CLF.

My parents are visiting Tucson, AZ right now where my brother lives.