Wednesday, November 19, 2008

November 19, 2008


Day went well. Had three rehearsals and to services to play for today.

Worst thing: I caught one of my Spanish students with a cheat sheet on a test. Had to give them a zero and sent them to office.

Best things: Andrew 15 and Matthew 12 practice after service with me for the Christmas program on Dec. 14. They sounded really good with the help of Andrew Campagna on the drums. Lizzy's mom said her daughter said I was the "happiest teacher she has." That was quite a compliment.

Had good energy today. Finished testing my Spanish students on Chapter 4. Daniel and Charity went to school at CLA today with Matt and Ashlyn.

November 18, 2008


Gave Chapter 4 tests in Spanish classes. Showed first part of Nacho Libre movie in Spanish classes. Took Verizon Wireless card back and discontinued service yesterday evening. Visited with Kim, Daniel and Charity and Grandma and Grandpa Woolsey's house. Had Charity laughing. Had Daniel laughing with "El Centro Cultural para Tontos". Grandpa was laughing too. Daniel and Charity spent the night at our house.

Monday, November 17, 2008

November 17, 2008


Worst thing about today: Non-stop talkers and interupters during Spanish II and Spanish I classes during review.

Best thing about today: My son Andrew looking for my approval at Band Practice for BMA class and also listening with acknowledgment during my devotional on Psalm 1.

Was fairly tired today in spite of good night of sleep last night. Probably need to exercise more. Day was still productive. Visited a bit with Ms. Johnson one of our assistant principals today in her office.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

November 16, 2008


I had a dispute this morning during practice about how fast of a tempo we should do the song He Brought Me Out with Doc. I don't think it was a big deal but I told him what his options were and what the effect would be of each choice. I think I handled it well.

Today was the first day Andrew, my son of 15, played the bass guitar in a service. He did a really great job. Donna and I were really proud of him. I think he really enjoyed it as well. We had practiced about an hour at home last night to prepare for today. I still remember the first time I played bass guitar in a Sunday service at Family Worship Center. I think the date was April 15, 1984. I still have the cassette tape of recording off the radio on WLUX, 1550 AM.

November 15, 2008

Helped my Dad and Mom move into their house. It was nice to spend some time with my Dad.

Later in the day I took Donna and Ashlyn for a ride to Gonzalez. We ate supper at Western Sizzlin and shopped at the Wal-Mart there. I bought two wireless mice for our laptop computers.

It was a pleasant day.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Novemeber 14,2008


I was tired most of the day but still performed well. Went to chiropractor first thing after a job. My Spanish classes review for an upcoming test. Guitar I class learned two new songs. Guitar II class learned joy to the world. I got to play some guitars in class today as well.

Came home and took a nap, then went to play bass guitar at Set Free. After service I selected the songs for worship for this Sunday's service.

Today is the 20th anniversary of when I first asked my wife Donna Padgett Woolsey on our first date!

November 13, 2008


B-day at school.

This was my student teacher's last day with my Spanish classes.

I finished my lesson plans in forth period during planning period.

Came home and took a nap after school.

Went to Jack in the Box by the house and caught up on some stuff.

Donna and I went for a walk together around the block four or five time.

I stayed fairly late.

November 12, 2008


A-day at school.

Went to Donna's Kindergarten class and acted out the walls of water falling on the Egyptians from her Bible story.

Guitar class wrote their own original songs and we practiced in the High School auditorium for the first time this year.

Patti Hanten led worship on her guitar tonight in church. We did some songs that we weren't real familiar with but it went well.

I ran into my parents and Shauna at McD's and we visited a little

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11, 2008


I went jogging first thing this morning.

Had some better ideas that were implemented to teach the Spanish II class today. Students had to underline stems of irregular verbs and circle irregularities in all conjugations. I think Mr. Fredi and I did a better job of teaching this lesson today.

Bible Musical Arts, Shawn talked about fasting. I went to the chiropractor toward the end of class and during lunch. My back was hurting a bit before I went. Dr. Wolverton taught me a new muscle stretch for my back muscle by my shoulder blades.

Spanish I went well with Andrew's class. My student, A., is supposed to be going to BR high next semester.

During my planning period, fourth, I made 24 copies of the children's musical that Peter is going to use to teach the accompanying adults their vocal parts.

We had a last minute called faculty meeting at 3 PM which lasted until about 4:10 PM. I was anticipating going home right after school but it was not to be.

I finally got home after 4:30 PM and laid down for a few minutes. I am now at Jack in the Box on Airline and Siegen typing on my laptop computer.

November 10, 2008


Started the day at school with prayer at around 7:40 AM. Read first two sections of Psalm 119 twice each.

Spanish I class behaved quite well today with my student teacher there helping me teach.

Spanish II&III class was a little loud today. We did two lessons and a warm-up exercise which had them burnt out after a while. It was a rough class and a difficult lesson to teach on irregular future tense verbs.

Guitar I class learned Amazing Grace and another riff type song.

Donna and I went out for supper at the Mexican food place on Siegen Lane where Fazolies used to be I think.

I watched a great fourth quater football game with Kurt Warner playing for the Arizona Cardinals against the SF 49ers. It was a great back and forth fight.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

November 9, 2008


Worship went well today. We sang Every Move I Make for the children to do motions to in service. We also sang Angus Dei, The Old Rugged Cross, He Knows My Name and How Awesome is the Lord Most High.

I took a nap this afternoon then dropped off Andrew and Matthew at the church. Andrew drove us part way to church for the first time. He is 15 years old and finished driver's ed a few months ago. We just now got him on the policy and an automatic car that he can drive.

I responded to an email from one of my student's parents about some distractions in the classroom.

November 8, 2008


Went shopping with Donna and bought a grill top to build grill in back yard with bricks. We cooked out later in the day. I also bought some seat covers for the Intrepid and a new pair more Wrangler Jeans.

It was a relaxing day thinking as little about work as possible since I picked out the worship set for church last night instead of Saturday night like I had been doing.

Donna and I picked up Ashlyn from her friends house and we got stuck in some of the traffic coming back from the LSU vs. Alabama game. We stopped by McDonald's and bought three hot fudge sundays.

Andrew had homecoming at the high school tonight. We had to wait almost until 11PM to get a call from him to tell us that he was going to spend the night at D'Andre's house so we would not have to pick him up late.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

October 7, 2008


Homecoming day at school. Each class lasted about 50 minutes, then chapel, then lunch, then parade, then pep rally.

Played keyboard in chapel with Mike Haviland leading. Classes went fairly well. Bible Musical Arts class planned to make a "Johnsonator" video. Class was a little chaotic, interrupted by cupcakes, Ms. J, and Jessica visiting with Ms. Shawn.

Helped Coach Capone with a cable extension, helped Ms. Johnson with sound system.

Student A. said she missed me in class yesterday. That was really pretty special to me, the best thing that happened to me today, I was missed.

Set Free went well. Ty came right before 7 PM. Great worship. Meeting with Darren at 8 PM.

October 6, 2008


I took off school today. Stayed home. Went to breakfast at 10:30 AM after jogging. Ate, read and relaxed at breakfast after visiting Chiropractor. Day went by pretty fast. Donna is going to take a "mental day" tomorrow by taking off from school.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

November 5, 2008


The first two hours of school was used in the door decoration contest. The theme had to do with Paris. I was not able to go to prayer this morning.

I was a little numb today from the election results. I do not really know what Barak Obama stands for. I am very happy for our country and the folks in it that came out of a history of being slaves. Now they have one of their own leading the most powerful country in the world. As I went to McDonald's later in the day, it seemed that all the black folks had a spring in their step and were very happy. As a look at black folks now it feels like we can look each other in the eye with now question in either of our minds that we are equal. This is an awesome feeling. I am trying to watch to much TV to drink in all the analysis and hype of the media. I am trying just to experience history for what it is in the street, not on the TV.

Bible and Musical Arts went fairly well. We listened and studied new songs for the first 30 minutes until Shawn, my co teacher came. She introduced two new ideas for media production. She was looking for feedback from the students but they didn't give her much during this homecoming week. I got a little upset that no one was talking about how be would implement these good ideas. No one was talking about format or dates or ideas of how to get it done. As Shawn talked about it more and there was no feedback or ideas for implementation, I began to get more and more upset at the mere talk with no inclination to action. I finally spoke up and said something about it. I told the group I was a little frustrated that we were not getting a plan together to DO instead of to TALK.

I apologized later in the day to Shawn for complaining about the lack of follow-up and action. Shawn does have excellent ideas so I am going to look for active ways to help her follow-up on stuff.

Third period was Spanish I class. We watched the Shark Tale movie in Spanish. Andy helped me figure out how the strange menu worked for the Audio and Subtitles.

I asked Peter for permission to leave the campus early. I stopped by Donna's room and dropped off Andrew's cell phone and the Shark Tale movie for Donna to use.

I went home and crashed for almost two hours. I then went to McD's, read and prepared the songs for service.

Worship was awesome tonight, the vocals and band sounded great. We sang Open the Eyes of My Heart, You Are and Refiner's Fire.

Doc spoke on the seven seals in revelation and what they could mean for us today. Donna was very tired this evening and even sighed a few times during service.

I stopped by the school after asking Mrs. Devitt if she could cover for me if a took a day off of school.

Donna is very frustrated in teaching her Kindergarten class. She has a lot of students below level with minimal comprehension skills. They listen little and talk much. It is as if they have never been told to stop making noise in their whole life. They don't even know what silence is. Donna also feels pressure from the first grade teachers to have them teaching at a first grade level. She has students that don't even know their letters yet, much less the sounds they make, much less words, much less sentences, much less paragraphs. She also feels like there is too much distraction with constant parties and constant injections of sugar to create hyper active, unable to focus children. It is very possible that our kindergarten is broken. I have already told her that she does not have to teach next year. She has not been happy one day since school started in spite of her working out on the treadmill and watching her diet almost every day.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008

Tuesday, Presidential Election Day in the United States.

I went to morning prayer for about 15 minutes this morning. I read Psalm 91 out of the KJV.

I visited with Peter about the music program and he mentioned how Matthew stands out as a kid that loves God. It was a relaxed conversation and pleasant in tone. I was able to visit with Mrs. Devitt about showing a movie in Spanish on a schedule where I loose a day of Spanish instruction to a special activity like door decoration day with is tomorrow. She said what I did was fine and that she trusted me. I was also able to visit in the hallway with Ms. Honeycut about how to upload revised grades from the first 9 weeks period.

We watched Shark Tale in my Spanish classes today. I got a lot of SchoolMaster things done and date ranges updated.

Gutiar class went well although I still want my students to learn how to practice more effectively and to come to class more well prepared with their materials and guitars. Four people lost participation points today for not using practice time more wisely.

I helped Andrew print some things out for Mr. Campbell's class in the high school office.

I was also able to get my old desk open in Mr. Mahan's classroom and get out last years supplies that I bought for door decoration day.

Donna and I went and voted at the Center of Hope on Reiger road. We then went to What a Burger for supper together. I reset her clock in her car after the daylight savings change and I also gassed up her car. I ran into Ty Cook in a stripped suit at the gas station.

We came home and I started watching some of the returns on the presidential election.

November 3, 2008

Monday, B-Day.

I took the boys to school and went to prayer with Mr. McCullough. Spanish II class went well. T. said, "Mr. Woolsey is the best teacher." I asked him, "What does that mean." He said that I made class fun, otherwise it would be very boring.

In Bible & Musical Arts class we split up into four teams. Each team had to write a praise and worship song with a verse, chorus and bridge. Then each team presented their song on stage with three mics each. I think the students really enjoyed it. I was the soul judge and scored the songs on learnability and message.

Spanish I went well with Mr. Fredie teaching most of the class.

I was able to enter all the test grades and responsibility points for all 120 students that I teach so that the PASS online grading system would be current.

I went to the chiropractor today and taught him the word "pues".

Later in the evening I went to McDonald's on Burbank for a while.

I went to bed at around 9:30 PM a little nervous about the election tomorrow.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

November 2, 2008

Today is Sunday.

We had a fairly uneventful worship service. I thought the music was good but not great. I was very tired even though I jogged earlier this morning. Some of the folks were late to practice this morning and two did not show unexpectedly. My sunday school class with Mr. Perdue was awesome as he taught the plain and simple Word of God with simple example from his life and explaining what the Bible says about Christ's return.

I took a one hour nap this afternoon.

I watched Fox News this afternoon with the election for president coming in two days. I also watched a movie on the comedy channel about a guy that was the PR person for a tobacco company.

I dropped the boys off at church youth group and am now at a somewhat cold McDonald's on Perkins near College.

November 1, 2008

Today was Saturday. The day went by a little fast. I also took a two hour nap which at up the most beautiful part of the day. There were clear skies today and lots of sunshine.

Andrew, 15, worried us by not coming home at 2PM like we had agreed to after spending the night at Michael's house to play music at get ready for Michael's homecoming.

Late in the evening I put together the praise and worship for the church service tomorrow. I did not get to sleep until quite late around 1:30 PM on the new Daylight savings time.

October 31, 2008

Today was Friday.

I slept well last night. I drove the boys to school and was a little goofy on the way. I went to prayer for about 20 minutes with Mr. McCullough and Mr. Barras. I was hit by the idea that my students need to see less of Kevin and more of Jesus coming out of me. I prayed that there was not enough Jesus and that just a glimmer of Jesus would come through when I got squeezed today.

I helped Mrs. Devitt by sub teaching for Mrs. Kramer's Jr. High class first period. We watched a MythBusters DVD.

Second period was Spanish I. They were very well behaved today and gave me zero trouble. I had no interruptions as I taught the new lesson today in Chapter 4.

Third period was Spanish II & III. I kept my cool even when students were not responding as quickly or in the way I have expected them to every day. I acquired a very helpful skill today of being able to focus, teach and talk while at the same time taking mental notes of who was moving their mouth at an inappropriate time. At least 10 students lost participation points today. I felt very in control even though student behavior was not perfect, I knew that their misbehaving is not to be blamed on me but on their lack of self-control. I am gently helping them realize what participation looks like every day.

Forth period was guitar. I gave them an impromptu lesson on Major scales and how to think and operate in movable scale patterns.

We had lunch after fourth period and then a talent show for the whole school at 1:15PM. I did not have a voice lesson this week because I ran out of time an did not turn my lesson plans in until after school on Friday. I felt really bad about not having my plans in. I did not want Mrs. Devitt to think I was trying to take advantage of her kindness. I was glad I was able to help her today with Mrs. Kramer's class.

I played music at SFI tonight on the bass and visited the Danner's at Steve and Doris's house after picking up Ashlyn from trick or treating with her friend.

Overall this was a great day and I felt great all day.