Sunday, November 2, 2008

October 31, 2008

Today was Friday.

I slept well last night. I drove the boys to school and was a little goofy on the way. I went to prayer for about 20 minutes with Mr. McCullough and Mr. Barras. I was hit by the idea that my students need to see less of Kevin and more of Jesus coming out of me. I prayed that there was not enough Jesus and that just a glimmer of Jesus would come through when I got squeezed today.

I helped Mrs. Devitt by sub teaching for Mrs. Kramer's Jr. High class first period. We watched a MythBusters DVD.

Second period was Spanish I. They were very well behaved today and gave me zero trouble. I had no interruptions as I taught the new lesson today in Chapter 4.

Third period was Spanish II & III. I kept my cool even when students were not responding as quickly or in the way I have expected them to every day. I acquired a very helpful skill today of being able to focus, teach and talk while at the same time taking mental notes of who was moving their mouth at an inappropriate time. At least 10 students lost participation points today. I felt very in control even though student behavior was not perfect, I knew that their misbehaving is not to be blamed on me but on their lack of self-control. I am gently helping them realize what participation looks like every day.

Forth period was guitar. I gave them an impromptu lesson on Major scales and how to think and operate in movable scale patterns.

We had lunch after fourth period and then a talent show for the whole school at 1:15PM. I did not have a voice lesson this week because I ran out of time an did not turn my lesson plans in until after school on Friday. I felt really bad about not having my plans in. I did not want Mrs. Devitt to think I was trying to take advantage of her kindness. I was glad I was able to help her today with Mrs. Kramer's class.

I played music at SFI tonight on the bass and visited the Danner's at Steve and Doris's house after picking up Ashlyn from trick or treating with her friend.

Overall this was a great day and I felt great all day.

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