Tuesday, October 21, 2008

October 21, 2008

Today was Tuesday.

I took Andrew to school this morning. We stopped by McDonald's on the way and got some sausage biscuits. I was a little on the tired side most of today. I performed well but did not have any extra energy or extra clarity of thought. Mr. F taught Spanish I and Spanish II today as part of his training program. In Spanish II we had only 4 of 25 students in class because of a Junior/Senior College Day trip. Guitar class went fairly well although I need to get my students to practice more effectively and stay in their assigned seats for the whole practice time.

Our roof got have shingled today with 30-year shingles. I took an nap but got interrupted by Donna telling me that the microwave was not working and then later by Ashlyn asking if the dog could go outside with her.

I am now at Jack in the Box by our house. The music is rather loud here. I wish it were more relaxing. I really feel burn out after a day of having to keep a constant eye on the behavior of my students. I don't think they realize how responsible I feel for their well-being and safety. All it takes is for one student to do one dumb thing like say something insulting to another student and a fight can break out.

I was upset at a student for not going into aftercare when the bell rang at 3:15 PM. He told me his ride was almost there. True, but it still took 3 extra minutes of my day. I insisted that he go to after care and I told him I was not pleased that he was wasting my time by not going when the bell rang earlier. I know that Donna and I and ever other teacher can really get beat down by the constant responsibility of having students on task and out of each others hair.

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