Thursday, October 2, 2008

October 2, 2008

Today was Thursday.

It was an early release day at the high school. School let out at 12 noon. I took Nick A. and Andrew, my son, to the mall. I came back to the school at 12:30PM and stayed in a teacher development until 3:15 PM. Peter talked to us about the difference between culture and climate in our school.

This morning I gave out a "Big Mouth" award to a student of mine who decided to talk virtually through the whole announcements this morning and who also continued to speak on top of me as I began to address the class.

After school I took Donna out for super at What a Burger.

This evening I uploaded my first video ever to That was pretty neat.

We also got our insurance check in the mail, endorsed my Citimortgage, to pay for fixing our roof.

My parents are hoping to be given a car from one of their long time friends in business. My mom wants to sell us their Dodge Intrepid which would be a big help to us.

Ashlyn has been studying every day after school to get straight A's in school. She is a studying machine right now. She is also about to turn 11 years old on us.

Today was also my cousin William Davis's birthday. Happy birthday William!!!

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