Friday, October 17, 2008

October 16, 2008

Today was Thursday.

I woke up with a very sharp mind today. I only took one aspirin before going to bed last night. My left wrist was a little tight in the morning but it loosened up later in the day.

When I got to school the student teacher that Peter spoke of was waiting in the office. I took him and showed him around my classroom. He spent the day with me in my Spanish classes. I finished showing Around the Hedge in Spanish to my classes.

I played drums for I Know Who I Am in chapel and then Andrew, my son, took over on the drums while I switched to piano.

I still had a lot of energy by fourth period, my planning period for the church. I ran around the school and ended up in my church music office putting the A-C song files in my portable file holder.

Donna and I went on a date to What a Burger. I came home an took an nap for about 45 min. When I got up from the nap I was still sluggish and tired. I was kind of bummed out that my mind was no longer sharp as it was earlier in the day. I think the reason my mind was so sharp these last two days is that I did not take any ibuprofen or naxoprin sodium at all before bedtime like I normally do. I also was able to exercise on Wednesday.

I ended up going to bed at about 11:30 PM but did not sleep good for the first couple of hours. I finally got up and took one ibuprofen.

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