Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October 1, 2008

Today was Wednesday, also an A-day at school.

During first period I planned for my classes. I decided to do review sheets, a Destinos episode, and assign the vocabulary list chapter 2 as homework. In Guitar class I decided to give an impromptu lesson on basic music theory using numbers to analyze the chord structure of a song. I wrote a chart for them from a random song on an audio CD.

I decided not to tackle a new section in our textbooks today because of the chapel schedule and the early release half-day tomorrow. My Spanish classes are mirrored from A to B day so I try to keep them even.

Chapel went well. I decided to play the keyboard. I had the solo intro with a pretty unique sound for the song "Future Decided." My son Matthew, age 12, was asking me about that sound a couple of times this evening. I think he liked the uniqueness of it.

We had service tonight at CLF. I was behind a lady driving a car on the way to church who went 20 MPH most of the way. I did not arrive until about 10 minutes before start time. Jill Sprinkle offered to copy the music for me. That was very nice of her to do that.

I did have a good day today but I am starting to feel like I am getting worn down with virtually no days off. On Saturday I plan the church worship service for Sunday. On Sunday we have the morning service of which I am in charge of the music. I am hoping to take some days off soon just for a break from the hectic schedule.

The presidential election is about 33 days away or so. Barak Obama is ahead of John McCain by 7 point today in one of the polls.

The news is all about the Senate and the House of Representatives trying to provide a rescue or bailout package for the liquidity crisis in the banks.

The funnest thing I did was visit my wife Donna's kindergarten class and help her distribute for types of flavors for a taste experiment. Each child of the 21 got a paper plate with four things on it, some chocolate powder, some salt, some sugar and a sour Skittle. They all put their heads on their desk and closed their eyes while Donna and I created each plate. I was goofy with them an told them not to "punch their neighbor in the eye" and "don't pick your buggers and eat them, unless they taste really good" and "I am hungry right now." All the the kids laughed at my silliness.

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