Friday, August 20, 2010

August 20, 2010

Today was Friday. The coolest or oddest things that happened today. C. in first period guitar class raised his hand at the beginning of class and said, "Mr. Woolsey, I had a dream about you last night. You were in front of a large crowd of people playing music." I said, "Thank you for that C., that is very nice of you to share that. Are you sure it wasn't D. (another student in the class?" He answered, "No, it was you." I then asked him what instrument I was playing. He said it was the piano or keyboard." I took this dream to mean not that I would play in front of many people, of which has already been accomplished in my life, but that I should hope to be worthy to do such a thing in the future. The other thing that was a bit odd happened last period. I was helping students with questions about their practice test and translations on it. On of the girl students in the back of the room that I have known for probably at least 4 years said, "Mr. Woolsey, you have pretty eyelashes." I responded that I did but I could not get them to stop from poking in all different directions. I have had the compliment of having long eyelashes paid to me when I was younger, so this compliment was not a shock to me.

We had chapel today and I was able to play the bass guitar along with our team members from last year in Applied Music class which. Cooper, Aaron, Andrew (my son who is a senior now), Breyonnah and Drexel helped us. Shawn lead worship along with the help of Michael C. and Jill S.

Ashlyn said the best part of her day today was chaple. Dr. M. spoke and used a wooden cross to nail sins on one side and blessings on the other side.

I was quite weary today as I only slept 4.5 hours last night. I took a 2-3 hour nap this evening when I got home. Andrew is wanting to put an electronic drumselt on layaway or payments tomorrow. We had an arguement yesterday about spending money you don't have. Donna, my wife, reproved me before going to sleep for having such a harsh, you are stupid, tone in my voice with Andrew and with Matthew sometimes. I don't think they are stupid, but there are times when I have told Andrew to do something over and over and over and it still doesn't get done, that I get quite ugly and angry about going around the same mountain over and over. Well, anyway, its not the first time that Donna has told me that its not what I say, but the tone of what I say that is wrong.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 18, 2010

The best thing that happened today was that my assistant principal took me by the hand and thanked me for being one of the most faithful ones last year to turn in lesson plans. It is strange to receive words of praise but it was also refreshing. It is sometimes difficult to receive kind words because they are so rarely given and our society questions the sincerity of the one who gives them.

The worst thing that happened to me today was that there was no time to pause and reflect. I got to work around 7:40 AM, visited a few minutes of morning prayer, taught guitar class for 90 minutes, advisory for 20, went through two drawers in my church office organizing, went to lunch, taught Spanish II for 90 minutes, taught another Spanish II class for 90 more, went to faculty meeting for 1 hour and 45 min or so. Ran home with Matthew. Took a 20 minute nap. Came back for church at 6:30, took notes of the teaching on my laptop, left church at 8:00 PM. I don't care for this type of day because as soon as it is over it is time to think about the next one. I prefer a little creative or down time in there.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17, 2010

Best thing that happened today was in my Spanish I Class, period 3-A. J. one of my 10th grade students said, "I am fascinated with the Spanish language." I thought that was really special. I have been starting each class with a little discovery session of different random Spanish words to teach them the concept of cognates.

In first period I taught for about 15 minutes on measures, downbeats and counting. Also the importance of every one in the class speaking and describing their music in the same "language" and knowing what the common terms of music mean.

Listened to Daniel 7. Also listened to Psalm 1 and II Timothy 1 at 50% with my eyes closed to allow my imagination to picture what it was speaking of. Very cool stuff. Imagined a man Paul mentioned in chapter who looked high and low for Paul in Rome until he found him. What dedication, love and concern. Never noticed that before.