Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October 8, 2008

Today was Wednesday.

I slept very well last night. I took off from school today to rest and get some things done. One of the things I got done at breakfast this morning was call the Louisiana Revenue division and find out how much I still owe in Louisiana state taxes. Answer: $955. I called the IRS and found out that we have paid them in full so the $8,000 in debt we owed them three to four years ago is finally paid. What a nice feeling that is.

I came home after breakfast at Jack in the Box where it was very cold and the cold air from the AC hit the back of my neck and my back and made my muscles tighten up. When I got home I went outside with Midnight, my black Labrador, and I laid in the sun on the trampoline for about 20 minutes or so.

I also cooked some steaks this afternoon and a mixture of fried cucumbers, onions, celery and some other things. Donna liked it and Andrew ate some of it too.

I played the keyboard as Mark, Patti and Kitty lead worship tonight at CLF.

It was depressing watching the stock market go up and down today on the news. It is different to watch and feel the uncertainty in real time than to just come home at the end of the day and get the final result.

I read some Ghandi quotes today. I was looking for and found the quote where he mentioned seven moral sins one of which is worship without sacrifice.

I am reading through the Bible this year online in The Message version. I am currently in Jeremiah and Colossians.

Donna said I was a good cook today. I got tired this afternoon for some reason and did not have a lot of energy but by church time and this evening I had some more energy.

I sometimes get tired of the poking that some of the senior citizens do at church saying that we better sing good. I know they are joking but it puts pressure on our worship that should never exist. I hope I never play a worship song the rest of my life to please a single person. I hope I only and ever please God with my worship. If man hates it then so be it. I am sick of pleasing man. It is sad that I have spent so much of my adult life learning how to please man. I suppose this is not all wrong because it is good to be a servant of all, but to try to gain the approval of all is such a heavy burden to bear. I pray that God will help me to lay down this burden and carry it no more.

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