Thursday, October 9, 2008

October 9, 2008

Today was Thursday.

During my planning period, 1st period, I put together some Chapter tests for my Spanish classes and copied them in the copy room at the school.

Second period went well as they had their first open book test.

We then had a special chapel service with Peter Barnes in which he talked to the student body about our code of honor at the school. This week was a difficult week at the school. Some students were asked to leave because they tested positive to drug testing. Peter said that this was the hardest part of his job. He gave the students many warnings that main one of which was that "the Devil's goal is to destroy you." I took some notes in a notebook of which I hope to type some of them in this journal as soon as I remember where I set down the notebook later in the day.

We then had lunch.

Third period was shortened to about an hour and my Spanish II&III class also had an open book test which they found to be very difficult and as many as 8-10 of them stayed late into the next class to finish their test.

I had the fourth period Guitar class wait in the hall outside my room for a few extra minutes while my Spanish students finished their testing. In Guitar class I modified their performance test and made part of it a written test since our time was shorted to 30-40 minutes. Late in the class after testing some of the students were speaking of the topic of chapel which was cheating. I heard one of the students say, "Everyone cheats on tests." I was so disappointed to hear this kind of thinking. It is definitely a refection on our society as a group. I was really upset to realize that this thinking is so prevalent even in a Christian school. Later after taking a nap from a tiring day I went to Jack in the Box by the house while Donna worked out on her treadmill. I was very discouraged at human nature in general. As I was reading the news of the stock market loosing another 679 points or 7% of its value in one day, I realized that the same corruption in thought that is making our students dumber is the some stuff that is wrecking our economy right now. This somehow made me feel better because I felt that if the topic came up again in another class that I would be able to make my point better. I often explain how corruption has effected the Latin American countries I have lived in and how property is not protected as it is in America thus making it difficult or impossible for the average person to build wealth.

I listened to part of the Dave Ramsey financial show and also read some Hellen Keller quotes from I feel a little more energetic now at almost 10 PM after being very tired and worn for most of the afternoon. Managing a high school classroom is very tiring. I try to let nothing go unnoticed.

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