Wednesday, October 15, 2008

October 15, 2008

Today was Wednesday.

I showed the movie Over the Hedge in Spanish to my classes today with English subtitles.

Peter called my name over the intercom twice while I was on duty outside after school from 2:45 PM until 3:15 PM. This is the duty watching the kids that I do every A day. When I went to visit Peter, our principal, he told me that there would be a young man coming for five weeks from the LRCE program to do his student teaching so to speak. I told Peter that would be fine.

On the way to church I stopped by the bank to cash a check. The car in front of me took 9 minutes to do their business. I was really ticked that it took so long to process one transaction. The lady at the bank asked me how I was doing when I pulled up. I told her not so good because it took 9 minutes to process the car in front of me. She sympathized with me. I continued to drive to church but I soon realized that the Dodge Intrepid had heated up from sitting at the bank so long. I had to turn around and come back home and get the red car.

Patti Hanten lead worship tonight with the help of Jill Sprinkle. They did an awesome job. Patti is always so relaxed and sincere and has a gentle spirit when she leads worship. I have had several comments from the church folks that they enjoyed Patti and Brandi leading worship on our team.

I stopped by Wal-Mart and did some shopping tonight as well. I found for the first time some smaller cans of salmon for about $1.12 each. I bought five of them.

Andrew is grounded this week. He is very upset because he thinks Donna, his mom, is being unfair. I don't think he realizes that she wants him to clean the bathroom on a regular schedule every single week, not just when he wants to of remembers to do it. Andrew is a little on the messy side with his room as well. I have made that an issue with him as well, many times. I hope he learns some more organizational skills soon. I will have to walk him through some stuff step by step again and again until he gets it.

I forgot to mention in my journal that on Monday I spent about 20-30 minutes changing J's strings in guitar class. Also 9 week grades were due on Monday at 3 PM. I was able to get them done at 4 PM.

Today I also turned in my lesson plans two days late. I need to try to get a couple day jump on things. Right now I am just keeping up. I don't feel like I am falling behind but I would like to be ahead of the game.

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