Monday, September 29, 2008

September 29, 2008

Today was Monday.

I went jogging late last night with Midnight. I probably got only about 5-6 hours of sleep.

I was tired today but did have good focus and energy in the classroom. I am trying and am succeeding, I think, at being very hands-on with all of my classes. I had time after visiting the Chiropractor at 8 AM to come back to school and read my teacher edition textbooks for planning and demonstration ideas. In Guitar I class I had the students analyze their sheet music in four ways: Name notes, write beat duration values under every note, circle all tonic notes and draw a straight line for a graph between notes. Practice went well as they played some duets on Claire de Lune.

I stayed after school until 4 PM grading papers for all classes and putting those grades in the computer.

Donna is getting whooped teaching her kindergarten class of 21 kids. They are having great difficulty grabbing on to very simple concepts like circles, squares, triangles, etc.

I took another nap from 5-7 PM tonight. I hated to do that but I was whooped also. I was able to stop by Jack in the Box for a little over an hour tonight.

Andrew wrote a song yesterday and today on the guitar and vocally called, "I Wonder Why." I thought it was a great concept.

Today was an historic day for the stock market. It lost around 778 points, more than the first day the market was open after September 11. I did some reading on the Internet today on the theories of what caused the Great Depression around the world starting in 1929 and going for about 10 years in America.

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