Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 25, 2008

Today was Thursday.

One thing I forget to mention about yesterday that was good was that I was able to get the Korg X5 keyboard working with the correct adaptor yesterday at the church. It belongs to the church but hasn't been used for some time. I had to set some factory defaults on it to get it to be in the right scale temperament.

I used the X5 today in class a tiny bit.

I also taught today's classes how my new Strict Zone would work. I also explained that they should always be in a Cooperation and Curiosity Zone no matter what.

I had a voice lesson first thing this morning with Mrs. Gee. She is an excellent teacher and really knows her subject.

I also prepared for classes today by reading my teacher's manuals for creative presentation ideas. I am trying to be as creative as I know how in the presentation of my classes. I have gained much confidence in my presenting skills and am focusing on giving it the best I have every day. This is what is required of me and this I am able to give.

I did book checks today for minus one point on their participation grade. I think three in Spanish I did not have their books and six in Spanish II did not books. The Spanish II class did not follow procedure at the beginning of class well at all. I was not pleased. I got them all on task one by one. Then I announced that we were going to have a talk about procedures that they were not following after a brief two minute brain break. The talk went well. I was specific about what I was looking for, bring books, pick up new warm-up handout, sit down when bell rings, don't ignore your teacher. I told them I wanted to be heard and I knew I was not being heard because no one was following procedure. The class went smoothly there on out. The main purpose of the Strict Zone is to be fair to the students so they would know the mood and expectation of the teacher at a given time in the classroom without being taken off guard. I told them that I tend to be a laid back person that usually does what I am told to do but I realized that not all people function the same way as I do. Some take my laid-backness to mean that this is going to be an easy, laid back, do-what-ever-you-want class, which has never been the case and never will be.
At the very end of class I fired up the X5 keyboard and played for a minute or two. The students were sucked into the music. When I stopped a couple of them said, "Why did you stop, keep going!" N. said, "Mr. Woolsey never ceases to amaze." Of course, I know that one day your students can think you are the best thing in the world, the next day they are belly aching about how unfair you are. Such is human nature. All the more useful I think I will find my zones to be a fair warning of my expectations to my class.

Guitar class was only one hour today because of the pep rally held on the lawn by the side of the gym. The gym is currently not usable. The floor is buckled due to hurricane Gustav.

I had duty at the flagpole. P. was everywhere today and stole another student's ID badge.

My family and I ate at Jack-in-the-Box by our house for supper. It was great to visit with them.

I took a 30 minutes snooze from 5 to 5:30 PM.

I prepared a letter for my mortgage company to sign a check from my home insurance company.

I visited Zeagler's music, bought some guitar strings and picked-up the Hal Leonard Levels 1-3 Guitar Course with CDs.

Andrew was practicing the keyboard when I got home tonight. Even Drexel told me yesterday that he wants to learn how to play the piano. Lisa came up to me after school and said I play the piano "so good."

I really hope I can be an example to all of my students of someone who tries their best to serve God where ever I am put. I want to give my best in all that I do. Even though my work is tiring and requires all of my energy every day, it is so fulfilling. I don't want to be famous. I have already done that when I played on TV across America on Brother Swaggart's telecast. I enjoyed having that platform, but I think I like this one better.

I thank God for Dr. Melilli. He is pushing me a bit right now to practice more with my church worship team. I am grateful for the example he sets and the messages he preaches. It took me probably a year or two to see if he was for real or not. I really see a lot of consistency in his life every day.

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