Sunday, September 14, 2008

September 14, 2008

Today was a Sunday.

We sang "Holiness" as our last song. Doc said that it matched his message perfectly. He said nothing will empty to pews of a church as fast as a message of repentance.

My Internet has not worked at McDonald's for two days. I called an IT guy at AT&T this evening to get some help. He was not able to rectify the situation.

Erin, from Farmer's Insurance, assessed the damage to our fences and our roof around 12:35 PM. She said they can give us a new roof and replace some of the fence. Our detectable is $1,000.

Andrew played drums at youth group tonight. He had to be there at 5 PM.

Ashlyn went to Lizzy's house after church. The Harmon's got their electricity back late today.

I learned a song tonight on Ashlyn's guitar which had a line in it "the moon is on fire."

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