Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 2008

Today was a Thursday. We are still off from school due to Hurricane Gustav. Hurricane Ike should be hitting around Galveston in around 24 hours.

Earlier today I read some of a book called Table-talk written by Louisa May Alcott's father. He was an educator and wrote several books of which I read the first 24 pages of Table-talk at Google Books.

I took Donna on a date to Casa Maria and my nephew Philip served us lunch. We then visited the Wal-mart on Oneal Lane. I purchased a 4GB memory card and a portable file system for my chord charts and music. Donna bought a wrist watch, a $10 pair of sunglasses and some Cranberry Almond Atkins breakfast bars, her favorite kind.

The funnest part of Ashlyn's day was going to Blockbuster with me. She was sick yesterday but today she was feeling better. She vacuumed, dusted and did the dishes today as well.

I went to the McDonald's on Siegen Lane and continued tweaking my computer system. The memory card I purchased can also run programs directly off of it which I though was pretty cool.
There were about 8 or so workers a McD's not doing much of anything for more than an hour I was there. They were all very noisy and where all over the place. How annoying it was to me along with the coldness of the restaurant and the hardness of the seats.

This evening I watched two 30 minutes episodes of The Office with Donna and Doris playing cards on their computer most of the time. I thought the episodes were funny because they ring so true as to how self-absorbed and rude we as Americans can be.

Steve, Doris and Danny are spending the night at our house again because they still do not have power at their house.

Andrew spent all day playing Warcraft and listening to his music. The lawn mower did not work for him earlier today but I was able to get it running later in the day.

The chiropractor did a good number on my back and neck today but sitting in the cold at McD's was not good for my back muscles. They are very sensitive to the cold.

The air conditioner at the house needed some tweaking as well. I noticed the air flow was very restricted by the small amount of air that is allowed through the filter vent area. I tore the bottom seal off bottom of the door to allow for more air flow. I noticed two places on the unit inside the closet that were allowing cold air to escape so I taped them up.

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