Saturday, September 20, 2008

September 20, 2008

Today was a Saturday.

I went to McD's this morning. The internet still did not work. I read two daily Bible readings from .

We ate lunch at home. Donna and I had some warmed-up frozen meatballs with ketchup. Ashlyn cooked three packages of macaroni and cheese.

My family and Ben went out to eat with my parents, James and Jean Woolsey at Ryan's on Coursey Blvd. The steaks were excellent! I had a couple. We visited with my parents from about 4:15PM until 6:00PM. We had pleasant converstation and parents looked quite relaxed and at their best. We spoke of past experiences some. My dad mentioned that the school I went to in Kindergarten in Tucson was, according to him, the oldest school in the city, Lowell elementary.

At home this evening Donna and I watched the LSU vs. Auburn game. The final was LSU 26, Auburn 21. I was quite a game. At halftime, however, I had to finish selection of the songs for the worship service tomorrow at CLF. Brandi, Michael & Patti are going to lead worship for us tomorrow. I am pretty excited about the format and songs. This is the first time we will do I Am Free and Likeness of Jesus in a Sunday morning service.

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