Saturday, September 27, 2008

September 27, 2008

I good a good night of rest last night.

Ate breakfast at Jack in the Box on Airline & Siegen for the first time in a while.

Read Isaiah 53 in The Message bible. It was very powerful.

Ate lunch at Mr. Gaddis with Donna and the kids. Andrew ran into some friends he knew from FWC so he ate and joked around with them.

I took a 2-3 nap this afternoon.

Donna and I went on a date for supper to Sonic on Coursey Blvd. We each had a #1 Sonic burger and shared a strawberry-banana smoothie. We spoke of how it is important after you have done your best in your work to let it go and rest your mind from the worries and cares of it.

We also watched LSU play against Mississippi State. Alabama #8 put a whooping on #3 Georgia tonight. We saw part of that as well. It seems to me that Nick Saban, the coach of Alabama, has a gift of helping and convincing his players of the need to focus and the dangers that overconfidence brings when it slackens your focus.

I put together the worship set tonight for church tomorrow morning. I hope to have Brandi, Michael and Peter lead for us.

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