Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 19, 2008

Today was Friday. I was a good day. I had a good amount of energy and I put a lot into my teaching. I started the day by asking Jennifer, my voice teacher, to critique someone we had heard sing. She explained how they strained their muscles in different ways. She mentioned how when you sing, instead of trying to get in peoples faces, if you lean back a little bit and concentrate on your song, it is more effective in communicating the song's message.

I had an idea last night for a one day trade on AIG. Buy at 2.60 and sell at 4.00. It would have worked! Of course, that was a rare occasion since the feds had just bought about 89 percent of the company to rescue it.

Spanish I & II got tested on Chapter 1 today. They also say Episode 1 and 17 of Destinos. Guitar I & II also went well. I preached to them what specific skill, notereading, we are trying to gain among many skills we could choose. I told them we are trying to give them a change to succeed in music at a college level should they so choose to take a college course or minor in music. They seemed to buy in to the idea well.

I had flag pole duty. Matthew bought a blue ice cone for one dollar. We drove home but stopped at Taco Bell on the way and ate quickly. I took a nap and went to Set Free Indeed. Service went well with Ty showing right before the service. David played the drums. Scott played guitar again.

Peter & Gina had a baby today named Emily Grace. I also called my sister, Shauna, today on her birthday.

I looked through some sock possiblities with Benn tonight and we just threw around some ideas.

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