Thursday, September 18, 2008

September 18, 2008

Today was a Thursday, a B-day at school.

I had a voice lesson today with Jeniffer Gee. She showed me that my chin keeps rising like a turtle as I try to go to high notes.

I helped Ashlyn write two paragraphs for her homework tonight. I also went on a walk with Donna, my wife, and we dropped off some clothes and laundry detergent at Doris's house. The broken limbs of trees are still piled up in front of every house. They have not yet been collected from Hurricane Gustav.

Shawyn gave us a good word in Bible Musical Arts class today from Hosea about Gomer his unfaithful wife.

Joy thought that Gil's Korean Bible was that coolest thing she ever saw today in Spanish I class.

Peter & Gina a scheduled to have their child born tomorrow, which happens to also be my little sister's birthday. My sister will be 35.

I had a make-up faculty meeting at 7:15 AM this morning. We ran a little over, as such, my students were waiting in the hall for me when I arrived at the classroom, 4-A.

I ate a piece of peperoni pizza and two chocolate chip cookies for lunch today for $2.

For supper I had pork ribs on torillas from an MRE from the hurricane week.

I stayed home and worked on my computer tonight instead of going to McDonald's. Midnight is staring at me right now in his red collar. He said, "Mmmmu."

I opened an account at in order to be able to buy individual stocks. I might do this kind of for a little extra excitement. I hope I don't get to carried away in wanting to get rich to quickly. The Tyson stock looked like a good stock to buy at a low and maybe cash back out in 3-12 months.

The stock market tumbled more that 400 points on two different days this week. There is roughly about 45 days until the Novemeber presidential election between Obama and McCain.

I went to the Business First bank to try to cash a check after school today, but there was still insufficient funds.

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