Thursday, September 25, 2008

September 24, 2008

Today was Wednesday. My wife, Donna, had her 41st birthday today!

At school it was a B-day.

First period was Spanish II. I gave what I thought was a great speech on the problems of corruption and how it can slow down entire economies of countries and keep the people of that country in poverty. Today I invented the "Strict Zone" where I demand absolute command of the class and the students give me absolute attention and respect or they are instantly docked a point off their responsibility grade. I carefully explained how it would work, "If I don't like the way you are seated in your chair, minus one. If I don't think I'm getting enough eye contact from you, minus one. If I think you are distracting the class in any way, minus one. . ." I only used this hyper strict zone during limited times in class, mainly during the introduction of a brand new lesson. It did help me to give a very detailed speech and explanation of the differences between America and some other countries I have lived in. I think the students received it very well and I think it got the wheels of their imaginations turning.

Second period was Bible and Musical Arts class. I shared a brief devotional summed up in a formula I heard Alistar Begg say on the radio this morning, "Hearing plus faith equals blessing."
I played the piano and organ in the high school chapel service today. We played Mighty to Save, Healer and Only You. We were let out 10 minutes early today so I went and ate at the cafeteria on the elementary side. The chicken breast they served me was awesome. The meal cost $3.

Third period was Spanish I. I also introduced them to the Strict Zone and some of "the world's greatest transparencies."

During fourth period I adjusted the test grades in the computer system for most of the period.

We ate Wendy's drive-thru.

I took a nap at home and then headed back to church. The youth group and Michael Campagna lead the service tonight. Andrew, my son of 15 years, played the drums and held a very steady beat throughout the worship service. I was very pleased. Michael's sermon was titled, "A Bad Day in the Life of Jesus."

I went to sleep at about 11 PM tonight.

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