Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4, 2008

Tuesday, Presidential Election Day in the United States.

I went to morning prayer for about 15 minutes this morning. I read Psalm 91 out of the KJV.

I visited with Peter about the music program and he mentioned how Matthew stands out as a kid that loves God. It was a relaxed conversation and pleasant in tone. I was able to visit with Mrs. Devitt about showing a movie in Spanish on a schedule where I loose a day of Spanish instruction to a special activity like door decoration day with is tomorrow. She said what I did was fine and that she trusted me. I was also able to visit in the hallway with Ms. Honeycut about how to upload revised grades from the first 9 weeks period.

We watched Shark Tale in my Spanish classes today. I got a lot of SchoolMaster things done and date ranges updated.

Gutiar class went well although I still want my students to learn how to practice more effectively and to come to class more well prepared with their materials and guitars. Four people lost participation points today for not using practice time more wisely.

I helped Andrew print some things out for Mr. Campbell's class in the high school office.

I was also able to get my old desk open in Mr. Mahan's classroom and get out last years supplies that I bought for door decoration day.

Donna and I went and voted at the Center of Hope on Reiger road. We then went to What a Burger for supper together. I reset her clock in her car after the daylight savings change and I also gassed up her car. I ran into Ty Cook in a stripped suit at the gas station.

We came home and I started watching some of the returns on the presidential election.

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