Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 11, 2008


I went jogging first thing this morning.

Had some better ideas that were implemented to teach the Spanish II class today. Students had to underline stems of irregular verbs and circle irregularities in all conjugations. I think Mr. Fredi and I did a better job of teaching this lesson today.

Bible Musical Arts, Shawn talked about fasting. I went to the chiropractor toward the end of class and during lunch. My back was hurting a bit before I went. Dr. Wolverton taught me a new muscle stretch for my back muscle by my shoulder blades.

Spanish I went well with Andrew's class. My student, A., is supposed to be going to BR high next semester.

During my planning period, fourth, I made 24 copies of the children's musical that Peter is going to use to teach the accompanying adults their vocal parts.

We had a last minute called faculty meeting at 3 PM which lasted until about 4:10 PM. I was anticipating going home right after school but it was not to be.

I finally got home after 4:30 PM and laid down for a few minutes. I am now at Jack in the Box on Airline and Siegen typing on my laptop computer.

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