Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17, 2010

Best thing that happened today was in my Spanish I Class, period 3-A. J. one of my 10th grade students said, "I am fascinated with the Spanish language." I thought that was really special. I have been starting each class with a little discovery session of different random Spanish words to teach them the concept of cognates.

In first period I taught for about 15 minutes on measures, downbeats and counting. Also the importance of every one in the class speaking and describing their music in the same "language" and knowing what the common terms of music mean.

Listened to Daniel 7. Also listened to Psalm 1 and II Timothy 1 at 50% with my eyes closed to allow my imagination to picture what it was speaking of. Very cool stuff. Imagined a man Paul mentioned in chapter who looked high and low for Paul in Rome until he found him. What dedication, love and concern. Never noticed that before.


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