Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 13, 2010

Stopped at chiropractor this morning before school. While pulling in to Quail Road a person was asleep at the wheel while waiting in line to get out onto Perkins. Very weird to see.

Studied book Crazy Love with Shawn in Applied Music class. Had to hook up my DVD player to TV in front chapel at church because Ramp DVD is still stuck in TV/DVD player.

Showed pictures to Spanish II classes of trip to Casa Maria for field trip. Payed for Ashlyn's 4th-6th grade Kid's Camp. Payed bills online. Did not make it to Regions bank in time to cash a $400 check. Donna is working out every day with her sister.

I visited my wife Donna's classroom for a few minutes. Pulled out bottom drawer of desk and it made a weird squeaking sound which disrupted the class. Karla's son said in the course of instruction on economic ideas, "My mom only gives us our NEEDS." Very funny.

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