Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Choking on a Piece of Meat - March 2, 2010

I was eating lunch today at school. I was swallowing a piece of meat down my oesophagus, or wherever pipe the food goes down into my stomach. It got stuck. I tried to wash it down with tea. The tea could not pass through the blockage. The tea backed up into my windpipe. I could not breath any more. I got up out of my seat and went to the garbage can to spit up what I could. I could barely catch any breath. I went to the bathroom and threw-up what tea I could. I started to hiccup involuntarily. The meat was still stuck in my chest. It hurt. The hiccups made more tea go to my windpipes. I threw-up some more, trying to breath again. I finally got enough tea out of my oesophagus to be able to breath. My chest hurt. The meat was still stuck. For the next five minutes I tried to keep breathing hoping the meat would not block where I needed to suck in wind. My chest kept hurting as I could feel the meat in my body. Finally it made its way to my stomach. I was still burping meat flavoured burps late this evening. It was scary not being able to breath. If I would have kept trying to wash the meat down with more tea I would have been in big trouble. I would have lost all of my air supply. I did loose my air supply off and on for about a minute. Very scary. Very painful. Very thankful.

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