Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9, 2009


Had church tonight at CLF. Music was great with Shawn leading worship. We sang For All You've Done, You Are My King and Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him. Peter spoke in chapel to day with the visuals of a cross and a manger. I played piano for altar call. Peter had real spear in service. Pretty awesome spear. A student, M.M. shared his experience of surrendering to God all his power and desires. He said that until you surrender yourself to God you are just wasting your time. It was incredible to hear him share his experience of surrendering to Christ at a specific place at the altar. He described a tingeling warm feeling go through his body when he gave himself to God. He said is was awesome. That was the best thing that happened to me today was to hear his testimony.

I also met some new wonderful people at church, Ed and Lois.

Finals are next week. We had the jr and sr high concert last night for the band and choir. My two sons played in the percussion section of the band. Matthew had homework until 11:30 PM last night after the concert. He printed his Powerpoint presentation this morning and the printer started to run out of color ink. He was very upset at how it looked after he spent so much time preparing it.

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