Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March 31, 2009

Today is Tuesday.

I was so proud of myself today because I was able to connect a reverb unit to our Mackie 32*8 soundboard today at CLF. Also I was able to hook up a Presonus 8 channel compressor to the same board. I have been wanting to do this for a full year. I finally got the time to get this done. This evening I also ordered a replacement LCD screen for Donna's Compaq Presario computer of which Andrew broke the screen by stepping on it accidentally a few months ago. At home, we also rebooted the operating system for Andrew's desktop computer so he could try to run the music program ACID made by Sony.

Matthew, my son, just turned 13 on the 26th of this month. He is getting to be a good looking dude.

Yesterday, Mrs. Barber said I had some really interesting books on my bookshelf in my classroom. Just a few days ago last week, H. L. one of my senior girl students said the exact same thing. That is really weird because I have been displaying the same books for several years and all at once I get two complements on the books I keep company with.

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