Sunday, December 14, 2008

December 14, 2008

It snowed this last Thursday. School was canceled.

Friday was a full day at school with all classes meeting instead of using the block schedule. Andrew, Matt and I also had a band practice for the elementary Christmas program at 1:30 PM.

Saturday I took Andrew and Matthew shopping at Guitar Center and C&M Music. Matthew bought a new Ibanez guitar for $300. I also bought a new countryman microphone for CLF.

Today was Sunday. We had a great worship service this morning. We sang Joy to the World, Hear Our Praises, Holy, Holy, Holy, Holiness, and You Are God Alone.

Andrew, 15, and Matthew, 12, played in their first concert tonight. Drew played the bass guitar and Matt played the electric guitar at CLF for a Christmas program. The church was packed with probably 400-500 people coming to see their Pre-School through 4th graders singing in the choirs. We had to learn 9 songs. Andrew Campagna played the drums for us. We got to the church at 4 PM to practice. The program started at 6:30 and went to about 8 PM. Drew and Matt did a great job. It was exciting seeing them do so well after spending the last 3-4 weeks practicing.

Today was also Donna and my 17th wedding anniversary. I took her out for lunch at the Chinese buffet by our house. We didn't get to do anything big yet because of our busy schedule today. It has been an awesome 17 years.

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